It All Started When...

I walked away from a corporate marketing position after the birth of my twins and wanted to support my family with my own business. 

I worked in digital marketing for over 15 years and eventually found myself feeling unfulfilled and burned out. I couldn’t shake the calling of entrepreneurship—so I took a leap of faith, and said goodbye to my demanding corporate role and hello to helping small business owners grow their businesses. 

It wasn't long before I found myself falling into the same trap that MANY female entrepreneurs do when they start their own businesses–spending endless hours in front of my laptop believing the toxic hustle culture messaging.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of content creation, social media, and admin tasks. I hit a wall and had to make a choice: embrace change and grow, or burn out and suffer the consequences. That's when I realized I needed to create systems to help me get back on track.

So I got to work planning, automating, organizing, and setting up systems to use my time more effectively. And it worked! I more than doubled my revenue the following year while working far less than hours.

Now, I'm on a mission to help online entrepreneurs take back control of their lives and accomplish more in less time. I provide guidance and support on how to create systems, set goals, and stay on top of tasks. I also help entrepreneurs develop a plan to stay organized and productive, so they can focus on their passions and projects while still having a life.   

I firmly believe that having systems in place gives you freedom.


Not just freedom from your work, but freedom while you work.

Jamie Ritchie

Home Organizer

When we started, I was feeling burned out and exhausted when I started working with Shannon. She helped me see what was sucking up my time and not generating revenue. Now, I feel like it's Jamie Ritchie, Home Organization. 2.0. Shannon played a huge role in that happening.

My passion is helping women harness the power to take control of their businesses. 

There’s no reward quite like the one I get from helping small business owners and crazy-cool creatives enjoy their lives, chase dreams, and build thriving businesses (and big-time bank accounts) out of their passion.

I'm committed to debunking the myth of hustle culture and shining a spotlight on systems and processes so that we can each build a business that nourishes our soul. I believe that positive change happens when our systems align with our values.

I can't wait to get to know you and help you to build the business of your dreams.

Azhelle Wade

The Toy Coach®

WOW! I have never been so clear on my values, and key areas of growth and focus for my business. Honestly, I'd heard a lot of gurus talking about defining your values, but I had no clue where to start. Shannon took me through the process with such ease, that even the difficult "WHY" questions felt easy. Shannon's VIP Day is perfect for the time-pressed entrepreneur who needs to start making more informed decisions about their business ASAP.




I always crave the newest, snazziest gadgets, but my inner simplicity enthusiast swoops in, saving me from the magnetic pull of the Apple store.


Every frosty New England spring, I ward off the chills by diving headfirst into seed catalogs. After all, prepping the garden is half the fun!


Organization and productivity? My jam! Unearthing cabinet treasures, matching categories, and finding cozy spots for each item—Tetris with real-life perks!

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